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Self-Care Snack Habit

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Take Care of Yourself, Bond With Your Baby, and Rule the World
(Okay, Your World)

The Self-Care Snack Habit is a 5-day course for super-busy new mamas (and others!) who need more self-care now.

This course is for anyone who wants to...

+ Be more mindful of the most important moments, without neglecting the necessary to-dos on your list

"They grow up so fast." Chances are, you've heard this a lot. Maybe, you've even said it yourself. And it's true! You can't actually slow the clock, but you can change how fast it all feels. The more aware we are of each moment, the more we can soak it up. The Self-Care Snack Habit helps you multiple your mindfulness, which means more focus and productivity every day.

+ Take care of yourself, without feeling guilty

"Mom guilt" may be #1 reason we mothers don't take better self-care. After all, we are responsible to others. We have sweet, chubby-cheeked babes who need the time and energy that we used to spend on ourselves! Luckily, this course handles how to balance your care with child care, by spelling out how taking self-care is the BEST thing you can ever do for your family and loved ones.

+ Redefine what it means to be a "positive" role model for your child (and others!)

Let's be honest: growing up, most of us didn't see our mothers taking good care of themselves. More likely, we were raised by moms who lovingly put everyone else's needs before their own, even at the risk of exhaustion or flat-out burnout. And we continue to model what we learned as children, often without thinking about it and with the same result. But the Self-Care Snack Habit changes all of that. This course teaches a new way to role model, giving your child — and generations to come — a gentler, happier way to live.

What to expect...

  • Enjoy more free time during your day...and do whatever you want with it
  • Finally put yourself on your priority list, for good
  • Get an easy, step-by-step guide for creating the right self-care rituals for your lifestyle
  • Feel like a time management master in just 24 hours
  • Get a grab bag of blissed-out strategies that you can use daily
  • Be a "wellness role model" for your children (and everyone around you)

What you'll learn...

  • Creative, practical ways to take care, even with a newborn
  • 3 major self-care challenges that most moms face
  • How saying "I don't have enough time" can actually help you feel your best
  • Where to find 15 minutes or more of free time, every day
  • The key to creating a lasting self-care habit that sticks


+ I'm not a new mom. Can I still take this course?

Yes! The Self-Care Snack Habit is designed with new moms in mind, but the principles apply to anyone who wants a quick start to more self-care. More experienced mothers, "aunties," women without kids, nannies and babysitters, dads -- they can all soak up the guidelines and strategy that this course offers.

+ My life is crazy-busy, and I can't afford to drop my commitments to spend time on self-care. Will this really help?

The real question is "what is not spending time on yourself costing you?" Are you losing your patience? Your appearance? Your sanity? Take a sneak peek inside of any mama's brain, and you'll find endless to-do lists. But, without the right care, those stressful, jam-packed days become unsustainable. We gain weight. We stop sleeping well. We start worrying. A lot. We yell. We feel guilty. We forget things. (You get the idea.) This course cuts through the clutter-mind of "crazy busy," and gives you practical, quick-start solutions that fit into your lifestyle and last long-term. Here, in just 5 days, you can make a priceless investment your in mind, body, and spirit.

+ What do I get when I buy this course?

When you enroll, you'll get immediate access to 6 video lessons, and optional daily lesson prompts by email. You'll also get audio recordings of lessons, worksheet bundles to practice and implement the course material, and copies of the course slides. Once you complete the course, you'll receive a 27-page eBook of the whole course, plus a bonus gift. You'll have 24/7, unlimited access to the course, so you can take it at your own pace and revisit the material whenever you like.

+ What if I can't finish the course in 5 days?

No problem. The Self-Care Snack Habit curriculum is 5 days long, but we totally get that life happens. We recommend completing the lessons within a couple of weeks, but encourage you to go at your own pace. You'll have access to all lessons in your Sanctuary dashboard, and you'll receive gentle email prompts for the full 5-day course period. That said, you have lifetime access to the course, so take all of the time that you need. It will be there for you whenever you're ready.

+ Can I get a refund if the course doesn't work for me?

Yes. We want to be sure you're 100% happy with your course purchase, so we have a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Ritual Care offers a full refund for your course within fourteen (14) days of purchase. If you believe that the course hasn't fulfilled its promise, send an email to support[at]ritualcare[dot]com and let us know. To qualify for your refund, you'll need to send (i) your fully-completed course work for all course lessons to make sure you put forth your best effort including, for example, all worksheets, journal prompts, and other exercises (and on our end, we'll confirm your completion of each of the video/audio lessons), and (ii) a brief explanation in your email letting us know how and where the course fell short, so that we can improve it for future customers. YOU MUST SEND EVERYTHING WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS OF PURCHASE. NO REFUND REQUESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED OUTSIDE OF THIS TIME PERIOD (AND NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE). Once we receive these materials, you’ll get a full refund. All love, no hard feelings.

+ I have another question that isn't answered here...

Talk to us! Send us your question here.


START DATE: Monday, January 8th, 2018
LENGTH: 5 days
INVESTMENT: $149 $99
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In a word, amazing. I wish I had known about these absolutely invaluable insights and practical, life-changing tips when I had my first baby. It would have added so much more thoughtfulness, calm, awareness and yes, bliss, to that first challenging year of motherhood. That said, it's never too late and as a working mother of a preschooler and first grader now, these self-care lessons are just as spot on today. Thank you Kelly!

Alicia, Mama to 2 + Attorney

Although I don't have children, I was drawn to Kelly’s “Self Care Snack Habit” course and it worked like a charm. Kelly magically becomes your own private guide, helping you to navigate the stressful daily grind, leading you to clarity and ease. Her “Bliss List” is pure genius and one of my favorite exercises. Kelly knows what it’s like to be insanely busy, and she imparts her lessons in quick, easy-to-understand steps. She expertly guides you toward strategies for success and ease.

Kimberly, Real Estate Agent

Honestly, I thought this would never fit into my crazy schedule. But it did, and just at the right time. I recently started a new job, moved to a new state, and had more “stuff” than I could handle. It’s taken all of my energy, and self-care fell to the bottom of my priority list. But Kelly understands juggling real life like this, and the Self-Care Snack Habit was the ultimate, bite-sized self-care guide for me. Even though it’s designed for new moms and I am not a mom myself, I wanted the tools so I could be a more conscientious, supportive friend (and super-auntie), and the course delivered. It's crafted with care, but without preaching or guilt trips — just encouragement and manageable, effective guidance for the self-care we all deserve.

Sonja, “Auntie" to countless kiddos
+ Brand Marketing Manager

To me, self care has always been about the big things. An hour-long run. A lunch date or a relaxed phone call with a dear friend. But, with a whirlwind toddler and small food business, those things don’t happen nearly as often as they should. This course helped me identify the little nuggets of time that I didn’t even know I had, and harvest them into guiltless self-care bliss. It’s helped me to stop, take a deep breath (on even the craziest of days) and enjoy the things that make me happy and recharge my spirit. And the fact that some many of these moments are spent together with my little girl? That's just a huge added bonus.

Kristen, Mama to 1 + Founder,
Momme Meals™ and GoChews™ energy snacks


START DATE: Monday, January 8th, 2018
LENGTH: 5 days
INVESTMENT: $149 $99
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