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with Kelly Newsome Georges

RESET is a private self-care club + course for women with young children. This is a small, supportive community of mamas who share one common, no-pressure goal: do more of what makes you feel good, daily. Every mama member has 24/7 access to her own virtual "Sanctuary," an online platform with a collection of resources, including a complete online self-care course that you can finish in just a few minutes a day.

RESET is currently full (boo), but more slots will open up soon (yay!). Want to be the first to know? Request your invitation below.

RESET isn't for everyone. But it might be for you if you...

+ have an anxiety-ridden to-do list, and you're never on it. Either because its too time-consuming or too hard to take care of yourself.

Whether you need a jumpstart to get back on track, or you've never taken a moment to breathe before, you'll learn the practical steps to get started. You'll also learn where to find time for daily care, and ways to make it easier.

+ would LOVE accountability + inspiration from a group of other like-minded, and similarly-overscheduled, mamas.

Rely on the built-in accountability and support that comes from joining a circle of other women who are right there with you in the marathon of motherhood, career-building, partnership, household management, and more. You always have two ways to connect: share comments in the online private forum, or chat live on the members-only group coaching calls.

+ need a way to keep your care on track...without an overwhelming commitment.

RESET is a recurring monthly program, so you always have solid, easy-to-manage, 30-day commitment chunks for your care. No crystal ball needed.

+ want expert strategies to kickstart your care whenever you need a boost, and make it last for life.

Educate yourself with a library of online resources, members-only conference calls, and a private, expert-moderated online forum. The RESET tools are designed to help you learn from both professional guidance and each other's brilliance (yes, you ARE brilliant!).


    We'll start with the basics of self-love, self-hate, and self-care. I'll teach you what self-care really is, the neurophysiological basis for how it works in your body and mind, and the science-backed benefits of consistent self-care rituals.
    You'll learn about the importance of community, and my step-by-step method on how to find one. You'll also join the RESET mama forum, and connect with other moms who are balancing it all. By the end, you'll be surrounded by your own circle of supporters.
    Here, you'll learn a 3-step care method that is super-simple, but wildly effective. We'll tackle the "I don't have time" excuse that's keeping you from enjoying everything, and I'll help you find unique, personalized ways to feel less stressed (even while you're taking care of tiny humans).
    No more worrying about falling off of the self-care wagon! In this module, I'll introduce my proprietary framework for complete, "forever" care, the CORECARE Method. In this module, we'll focus on the 5 "Core Principles" of CORECARE. This is the foundation you'll need to create lasting care rituals to relieve that day-to-day stress. You'll leave with more clarity, more resilience, and a stronger emotional core.
    Now that you've got the theory, it's time for the action! Each Core Principle has several "Core Practices" so that this self-care stuff is super do-able. In this module, I'll lead you through each of them. We'll use worksheets, templates, and other tools to get you started, and your care will become a habit in no time.
    If you're like most moms I know, chances are you've spent years being way too hard on yourself. And yet, you still don't feel "perfect," right? Pro tip: Trying to be perfect kills your joy, Love. And that. stops. now. In this module, I'll help you use your new self-care skills to live more happily, and help you feel as beautiful as you actually are. Because you really are.


  • a private community of like-minded, inspiring mamas who understand the mom-care struggle
  • an online video-guided care course with lessons that help not only help you feel amazing ASAP, but will also last a lifetime
  • audio versions of each lesson;
  • worksheets, templates, lesson summaries, journal prompts, and other resources for home practice;
  • printable course slides for easy reference;
  • a course transcript, in an easy-to-read eBook format;
  • a virtual, members-only resource library with tools, tips, and trusted references and referrals
  • one live group coaching call each month, where I'll answer your questions and guide you through challenges;
  • a complete collection of audio recordings for all RESET member calls; and
  • a private online Sanctuary account, with all of your materials in one, easy-to-access-anytime place.


+ How does RESET work?

RESET is an online, monthly program for mamas that encourages everyday care. The program literally "resets" itself approximately every 30 days, beginning fresh on the 1st of each month. You can join for one session only, or stay committed month after month. Once you're enrolled, you'll get access to a library of resources, a private online group forum, and group calls with Kelly.

+ What if I'm not a mom?

RESET is designed for mothers because mamas (and especially new moms!) tend to put everyone else's needs before their own. This "impulse" is simply part of motherhood for most of us moms. We often need more help prioritizing our own care... and this is one of the main reasons RESET was born! But, if you aren't a mom, you can still request an invitation! We ask only that you recognize and respect the high level of mother-related comments or other communication that may arise in the program. Aunties and other mom-and-baby-loving types are especially welcome!

+ What is the RESET pilot program? When can I start?

RESET is open to a small number of women for a pilot testing program. Pilot program members enjoy the beta-version of the program, including all available resources at zero cost. They also have a chance to have their experiences featured on the Ritual Care website. Currently, all available pilot program slots are full.

+ How much does RESET cost? Can I get a refund if it doesn't work for me?

RESET is currently under development, offering only limited slots for its free beta program (currently ongoing). Pricing for the full program will be determined in early 2018, and details will be sent to all invitees.

+ I have another question that isn't answered here...

Talk to us! Send us your question here.


START DATE: Monday, January 1st, 2018
ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Sunday, December 31st, 2017
INCLUDES: A one-week "jumpstart" online self-care course, group coaching calls, private community forum, and bonus resource library

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This program is changing my life! I don't take time for myself regularly, and RESET inspires me to do that, in some unique way, every single day. I love seeing how other women are making time for themselves, too...and also being reminded that the struggle for me is REAL and affects all moms.

Kim, Mama to 1

I get so anxious about my to-do lists, and have trouble making myself a priority sometimes. With RESET, it's been easier to focus on the good I'm doing every day, and stressing less about what I don't get done. I also love the energy from other moms (extra special), the online experience overall (super gorgeous), and the private forum (very convenient). Taking care of myself now feels less like something I have to do, and more like something I get to do.

Amy, Mama to 4 + Owner of Exercising Balance ™


START DATE: Monday, January 1st, 2018
ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Sunday, December 31st, 2017
INCLUDES: A one-week "jumpstart" online self-care course, group coaching calls, private community forum, and bonus resource library

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    KELLY NEWSOME GEORGES is a former-lawyer-turned-postpartum care teacher. She advises new moms on birth, postpartum, newborns, and self-care throughout the early years of motherhood. As the creator of RESET and other products, she helps mothers feel less stress and more support. Her favorite mama-related role, though, is her own: she is a mother to a toddler and an infant, and stepmom to 3 brilliant bonus kids. She lives as an American in Paris and in Provence, France.