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200+ Tools and Resources on Birth, Postpartum, and Newborn Care, Designed to Make Early Motherhood Easier

Having a baby is one of the most profound, and challenging, experiences of life. Childbirth is unpredictable and unique. And afterward, in an instant, you're handed a new baby to take care of... forever. There's no guidebook for how to be a new parent. But now, there is a Partner.

This care tool is for any new parent who wants to...

+ Feel more confident and calmer during childbirth, postpartum, and the early months of your baby's life

The New Parent Partner curriculum is divided into three major units of learning: Birth Care, New Mother Care, and Newborn Care. Each unit offers tons of information, in a clear, organized, and accessible way. The easy-to-use format lets you learn what you need to, when you want to -- and helps you master the learning curve of new parenting even before your baby's born. In other words, sit back, start reading, and get ready to rock labor, delivery, and first three month's with your new little guy or girl.

+ Have useful, practical information at your fingertips, without feeling overwhelmed

The New Parent Partner delivers a balance between information and intuition, as well as templates, exercises, free space for notes, and other practical resources. But beauty of it lies in the length of its sections, called "Topics": though they're each full of guidance, they're still short. You can also pick and choose Topics based on how much time and interest you have, instead of completing them in sequential order like a course. Goodbye, overwhelm. Hello, ease.

+ Learn easily, quickly, and independently, from anywhere in the world

The New Parent Partner's 24/7 online access format gives you the chance to work where you want, and when you want. You can complete the sections in order, or pick and choose based on interest... and you always learn at your own pace. In other words, you're the designer of your own learning experience.

What to Expect...

  • Work through material at your own pace, anytime
  • Accessibility — Log in anytime, from anywhere in the world
  • Learn quickly, with 70 clearly organized, digestible bites of practical information called “Topics”
  • Put your new knowledge into practice by choosing from over 50 worksheets, checklists, templates, and instruction guides, plus free writing space on almost every page
  • Complete Topics in order, or pick and choose them depending on your immediate need and interest
  • Enjoy a consolidated, comprehensive, vetted list of materials, referrals, and recommendations for favorite products

What You'll Learn...

  • Self-care secrets to ease aches and pains in late pregnancy
  • What to do to prepare for your big birth day
  • Comprehensive comfort techniques for childbirth
  • Absolute essentials for new mother care
  • How to take care of your newborn baby from Day 1


+ How does the New Parent Partner work?

The New Parent Partner is a self-study training, with the format of an online learning + resource center. It's divided into three major units of learning: Birth Care, New Mother Care, and Newborn Care. Each Unit includes a series of small, but content-packed, sections called "Topics." You can learn Topics in order, or pick and choose depending on your interest and schedule. And because everything is online, you can access it anytime, from anywhere.

+ Do I have to complete the material in a certain amount of time?

Nope! You have lifetime access to all 70 Topics in your Sanctuary dashboard (as well as any new Topics we add later), so there's no need to rush through the material. And your lifetime access means that you can log in and re-learn with each pregnancy and baby you have. Double (or triple, or more) bonus!

+ Can I get a refund if the New Parent Partner doesn't work for me?

Ritual Care does not offer refunds for digital products after purchase, but we want to be sure you're as happy as possible. If you don't believe that this product has fulfilled its promise, send an email to support[at]ritualcare[dot]com within fourteen (14) days of purchase and let us know how it fell short. We'll do our best to try to help.


AVAILABLE: Winter 2017/18
INCLUDES: Online learning + resource center

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Phenomenal. The templates and resources throughout the training are especially helpful for people to collect their thoughts — especially the “cheat sheets” — a great quick place for moms and partners to go for birthing techniques. The level of detail is great, even as a supplement to other education. After having 3 kids, I've read quite a few birth/parenting books. I find them intriguing and helpful, but also daunting when you need to go back and use them as a resource guide, especially in the days/weeks leading up to birth. The New Parent Partner serves as a great guide, but also as a quick follow-on reference.

Tricia, Mama to 3 + Program Analyst

Loved this! As someone who had a c-section, I only wish I had this before I delivered. It was extremely helpful to read so much wonderful information packed into one place. The New Parent Partner really covered the bases, without being as thick as the phone book or overwhelming for a new mom like me. The notes sections in each topic are a huge plus!

Jennifer, Mama to 1 + Director of Marketing

This is a fabulous resource. What a wonderful gift to new parents and to the birth world. I can't wait to tell every new mom I know about it!

Pleasance, Mama to 2 + Owner, Lil Omm™ Yoga + Wellness

The New Parent Partner is the answer I wish I had when I went through my first pregnancy feeling overwhelmed by all the literature on prepping for and becoming a mother! It’s densely packed but easy to follow, clear yet lighthearted, holistic, and chock full of warmth and appreciation for the beauty of becoming a parent. It helped with practical advice (like how to choose a stroller from the overwhelming number of options out there -- and you know as a new parent you’re going to want to research ALL THE OPTIONS until your eyes blur) to guidance through the soul searching which inevitably comes with becoming a mom. This training has made navigating the epic journey of motherhood that much simpler, yet deeper, and more joyful.

Anna, Mama to 1, Attorney + Human Resources Consultant


AVAILABLE: Winter 2017/18
INCLUDES: Online learning + resource center

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