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Helping New Moms Have a More Restful Postpartum

Most expecting moms spend all of their time and energy on pregnancy and birth, without giving a second thought to the postpartum period after baby arrives. But experienced parents know there's immense pressure adjusting to this new life. The first few months with your newborn can be a scrumptious, sacred time, full of nurturing food, helpful hands and, yes, even lots of sleep (!)... all it takes is the right postpartum planning.

This care tool is for any new mom who wants to...

+ Get the best support from family, friends, and other "non-trained" helpers

There's nothing like having an extra set of hands after you have a baby... except having an extra set of trained hands! The How to Help Kit provides basic postpartum training and tips for everyone around you, so that you get the best support possible.

+ Easily delegate tasks like a pro, without feeling guilty or awkward

It can be hard to ask for what you need, especially when you're recovering from birth, learning to breastfeed, or getting up all night (and day) with a newborn. But the How to Help Kit gives you easy-to-use templates that make task delegation a total breeze.

+ Seamlessly receive the right help, without giving directions or micro-managing

Have you ever noticed how, when others are taking care of you or your home, they never seem to do things the same way you would? The How to Help Kit keeps things consistent, with pre-planned, detailed instructions for everyone supporting you. Then, you can simply give them the Kit, go take a nap, and rest assured knowing that all the details are literally in their hands.

It's also for any helper who wants to...

+ Be as helpful as possible for a new mom and her baby

You've got great intentions. You've set aside the time. You're ready and willing to be there for the new mom in your life. But what will you actually do? Usually, helpers ask mom what they need. This can be a good start, but often new mothers don't know what to ask for... or they're too tired to figure it out! The How to Help Kit makes the communication between you and mom crystal clear, so that you aren't left in the dark wondering how to make a meaningful difference.

+ Know what mom needs most, without having to ask her for instructions over and over again

The How to Help Kit includes 6 specific instruction sections for mom to complete in advance, so you have a solid reference tool for knowing how to get things done. With this in hand, you'll have less questions and more answers, right from the start. And that means more relaxation and rest for your new mama, so you're already making her life a lot easier. (Well done!)

+ Review the basics of newborn care, such as feeding, diapering, swaddling, sleeping, and soothing

Unless you regularly care for babies, being responsible for them can feel intimidating! The How to Help Kit gives you a crash course in newborn care basics, so that you aren't starting from scratch. Then, when you show up at your new mom's door, you'll exude the confidence and calm of a pro... and mom will feel that yummy energy, too!

What to Expect...

  • Savor more time snuggling with your baby... instead of worrying about what's for dinner
  • Have a team of people to help you feel more supported in your first year
  • Reduce the risk of certain perinatal mood disorders, such as postpartum depression
  • Power through 3 quick, intensive planning sessions that help you prepare for your whole first year of motherhood
  • Use ready-made templates to design your own postpartum planning toolkit for yourself and your helpers

What You'll Learn

  • 10 needs of the postpartum mother (and how to meet them every day)
  • How to organize new mom life into 5 clear + manageable categories
  • Basic newborn care, including sleep and soothing secrets
  • The easy way to make a "fourth trimester shelter" for mama-baby bonding


+ Who is the How to Help Kit for -- and how does it work?

The Kit is designed for new moms and for their helpers. It is divided into two parts. Part 1 is the New Mama Planner, a step-by-step postpartum planning guide with ready-made templates for everything a new mom needs. Part 2 is the Helper's Mini-Manual, with postpartum training and resources for anyone who's supporting a new mom and her family. In addition to the Kit, you'll also receive supplemental video trainings, audio recordings, and a mini-plan bonus template for quick and easy reference.

+ I'm a new dad. Can I use the How to Help Kit, too?

Absolutely! The Kit is designed with new moms in mind, but it's for the entire family. New dads can also use the planning tools on their own, as mom transitions into new baby life. In fact, this is when dad's help can make a critical difference in the well-being of the whole family -- especially with childcare and household duties. The Kit makes these (and other) categories child's play, so that everyone can rest easier and focus on what's most important: meeting the newest member of the family!

+ What "postpartum" time period does the How to Help Kit cover? The first 6 weeks after baby? The first 3 months? The first year?

The Kit is intended to help most during the "fourth trimester," or the first 3 months after pregnancy. However, Ritual Care defines "postpartum" as at least the first year after birth, and we recommend that you receive help for as long as possible for the smoothest transition into motherhood. For this reason, you can certainly use the planning materials for the first full year and even beyond.

+ Can I get a refund if the How to Help Kit doesn't work for me?

Ritual Care does not offer refunds for digital products after purchase, but we want to be sure you're as happy as possible. If you don't believe that this product has fulfilled its promise, send an email to support[at]ritualcare[dot]com within fourteen (14) days of purchase and let us know how it fell short. We'll do our best to try to help.

+ I have another question that isn't answered here...

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AVAILABLE: Spring 2018
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