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I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness the astonishing light of your own being. - Hafiz

She lost it with her kid. That afternoon, she screamed and yelled and hated herself afterwards, because she knows they're just babies. But it was one of those days. She was in triage mode again, taking care of one thing after the other and a million things at once. Except herself. She looked down at her children looking up at her. She knew her life was beautiful, but she still felt trapped in the mundane, the noise, the too many to-dos, and she didn’t recognize herself. When she looked in the mirror, it wasn't her, not the woman she remembered.

Peaceful Mama with Hand Over Heart

“How did I get here?” she wondered. “And how do I get back home to myself?"

She was me.

I’d been a self-care convert for years. But then I gave birth. I became responsible for the well-being of other human beings. Motherhood brought a new level of busy-ness, anxiety, and fatigue and, with all of that, I needed a new way to feel good again.

CORECARE became my way, a comprehensive guide with simple principles and practical steps. This is a soul-level, step-by-step plan for moms who are ready to stop being perfect, and start being their best. It isn't your basic self-care tip list, or a mashup of wellness methods, or a bunch of “expert information” that will make you better. Because you're the only expert on yourself. And you're already complete.

You have all the answers you need. This is just a way to remove everything that you don't.

Here, we'll break through barriers, peel back years of conditioning, and learn how to keep cool even in chaos, in just minutes a day. We'll do more of what makes you feel good, and you'll see how that transforms your experience of the entire world. Sound amazing? It is. And with a format to fit any schedule — and lifetime access to the program — it's easier than you think.

Feeling good is your birthright. Let's reclaim it, together.

Benefits of CORECARE include...

✓ avoid overexhaustion and burnout (and begin healing if it's already happened)

✓ be more resilient, instead of boiling over

✓ let irritations roll off your back, and stay cool in any situation

✓ come back to your center anytime using your own, unique care rituals

✓ enjoy sacred alone time (even if you "don't have enough time")

✓ reconnect to your miraculous body and rewire your brain for positivity

✓ turn power struggles into opportunities for intimacy and bonding

✓ curb over-spending, mindless eating, and other anxiety-driven behaviors

✓ take off the mask and be yourself with others

✓ know how to explain self-care to your partner or naysayers (it's not just willpower or woo-woo -- it's science!)

✓ treasure family time...instead of wanting to escape for "me" time

✓ relax with simple techniques that can help ease the challenges of infertility and stress-related conditions, like adrenal fatigue, anxiety disorders, or even heart attacks

✓ notice the tiny details in your life -- how your baby crinkles her nose, and how your son curls his toes when he sleeps

✓ have shinier, thicker, more lustrous hair (okay, I kid)

✓ stay accountable and inspired with a small, supportive group of other women who know what unfiltered #momlife is really like

✓ explore a library of mama-approved wellness resources to inform and uplift you

✓ rest in the beauty of yourself and your life, as-is, without the exhaustion of always trying to improve

✓ enjoy LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE PROGRAM, including any additions in the future, at zero cost


    We'll start with the basics of self-love, self-hate, and self-care. We'll explore what self-care truly is, the neurophysiological basis for how it works in your body and mind, and the science-backed benefits of consistent self-care rituals.
    You'll learn about the importance of community, and practice my step-by-step method on how to find one. You'll also join the CORECARE mama forum, and connect with other moms who are balancing it all. By the end, you'll be surrounded by your own circle of supporters.
    Here, you'll learn a 3-step care method that is super-simple, but wildly effective. We'll tackle the "I don't have time" excuse that's keeping you from enjoying everything, and I'll help you find unique, personalized ways to feel less stressed (even while you're taking care of tiny humans).
    Anyone can take care of themselves for a day or two, but making it a habit that lasts over time -- even with schedule changes, sick kids, and other stressors -- that is a whole 'nother story. Here, you'll make your care a constant part of your day, no matter what's happening in your life. I'll share the proprietary framework that I've used for years with my private clients, called the CORECARE Method, and we'll focus on its 5 "core principles." You'll leave with more clarity, more resilience, and a stronger emotional core.
    Now that you've got the theory, it's time for the action! We'll dive deeper into the CORECARE Method, but this time we'll work on daily "core practices," so that this self-care stuff is super do-able. From intuitively honoring your body, to using positive psychology mind training tools, your care will become a habit in no time.
    If you’re like most moms I know, chances are you’ve spent years being way to hard on yourself, trying to be perfect so you can be happy. But, SPOILER ALERT, trying to be perfect destroys your joy. And that. stops. now. Happiness doesn’t come from perfection; it comes from perspective. From our grace, and our mess. In this module, I’ll help you make friends with your chaos instead of fight it, so that you can feel as beautiful as you actually are. Because you really are.


  • an online video-guided program with lessons that help not only help you feel amazing ASAP, but will also last a lifetime
  • audio versions of each lesson;
  • worksheets, templates, lesson summaries, journal prompts, program slides, and other resources for home practice;
  • a program transcript, in an easy-to-read eBook format;
  • a virtual, members-only resource library with tools, tips, and trusted references and referrals
  • a private community of like-minded, inspiring mamas who understand the mom-care struggle
  • one live group coaching call each month, where I'll answer your questions and guide you through challenges;
  • a complete collection of audio recordings for all CORECARE member calls; and
  • your own private online Sanctuary account, with all of your Ritual Care materials in one, easy-to-access-anytime place.
Cozy Mama Chair with Coffee


START DATE: Sunday, May 13th, 2018 (U.S. Mother's Day)
BASIC MEMBER PRICE (standard program): $499
LUXE MEMBER PRICE (program plus 1:1 coaching): $1999

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+ How does CORECARE work?

CORECARE is a digital product designed to help you care of yourself every day. It's got 6 modules to be completed over 6 weeks (one module per week), but it's totally flexible and self-paced, so you can start, resume, and end whenever you like. Each module is divided into quick lessons that you can complete in minutes a day...or you can binge in one sitting (totally your call). Once you're enrolled, you'll receive your free CORECARE roadmap and, when the program begins, you'll get access to your modules and lessons, a collection of resources and bonus materials, a private online group forum, and group calls with Kelly. If you're a Luxe member, you'll also have access to Kelly's private advising call calendar.

+ What's the difference between BASIC and LUXE memberships?

CORECARE Basic is the standard program offering. CORECARE Luxe is a premium, application-only membership level that includes the program plus private coaching. You may buy a Basic membership directly, but you must first apply to become a Luxe member.
Both Basic and Luxe members get the digital product platform, video and audio content, all worksheets, templates, lesson summaries, journal prompts, and program slides, a program transcript, a virtual, members-only resource library, access to a moderated private community forum, one group Q+A call per month, a complete collection of audio recordings for all calls, your own private Sanctuary account to keep everything organized, and customer email support for technical issues.
CORECARE Luxe members also have the added bonus of six (6) 1-on-1 private advising calls with me that last up to an hour each (an $1800 value). During our private calls, we'll work together to apply the lessons to your specific circumstances, integrate what you're learning into your life, and focus on any care-related concerns that keep you from feeling your best. The Luxe level is ideal for someone who wants a partner-in-health right there alongside with you, giving you encouragement, perspective, and personal guidance.

+ How much does CORECARE cost? What does the price include?

CORECARE Basic, the standard program, costs $499. CORECARE Luxe, the premium, application-only membership level, costs $1799. Members who pre-enroll (or gift-givers who buy) on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 enjoy a significant discount of up to $350 off ($149 for Basic and $1499 for Luxe).
Prices are all-inclusive of the digital product platform, video and audio content, all worksheets, templates, lesson summaries, journal prompts, and program slides, a program transcript, a virtual, members-only resource library, access to a moderated private community forum, one live group Q+A call per month, a complete collection of audio recordings for all calls, your own private Sanctuary account to keep everything organized, customer email support for technical issues and, for CORECARE Luxe members, their six (6) 1-on-1 private coaching calls with me that last up to an hour each (an $1800 value).

+ This seems expensive, especially with free wellness info online (plus, my husband will go nuts if I buy this). How can I justify the cost?

It is important to be wise about how you spend your money -- this is a component, in fact, of self-caring.
CORECARE costs more than an app or some other programs because it is not a basic diet plan, or a workout guide -- it's a long-term investment in yourself. In your physical and mental health, and your emotional well-being. But it's about more than feeling good. How healthy and happy you are affects everyone around you -- your children, your colleagues, your customers, your pets and, perhaps most of all, your partner.
This program is not a basic collection of blog posts, or a bandaid for a bad day. It is a comprehensive, step-by-step approach -- a proprietary framework -- for learning how to see self-care differently. It erases old habits and incorporates new ways of thinking. I've personally curated every detail -- from the content to the design -- to give you a beautiful way to take care of yourself every day, at the click of a button. And while you can feel results immediately, these lessons teach you how to come back to your center, for life.
You don't need to buy anything unless it feels good to you (in fact, I don't recommend it otherwise!). I will always provide free content in newsletters and social media, for instance. But if you're ready for the next step, for having all of the information at your fingertips -- organized into a clear roadmap that you can revisit time and time again -- the this program is there for you.
And if you're still unsure, take an inventory of how much you're already spending to find relief for the problems that proper self-care could solve. How much are those problems costing you? And how much would you pay to feel really good every day instead? Ask yourself. Your answer is inside.

+ Can I get a refund if CORECARE doesn't work for me?

Yes. We want to be sure you're 100% happy with your purchase, so we have a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Ritual Care offers a full refund for your product within fourteen (14) days of purchase. If you don't believe that the program has fulfilled its promise, send an email to support[at]ritualcare[dot]com and let us know. You'll also need to send (i) fully-completed program work for the first two modules and materials to demonstrate that you put forth your best effort, including, for example, all lesson worksheets, journal prompts, and other exercises (on our end, we'll confirm your completion of each of the video/audio lessons), AND (ii) in your email, let us know how and where the product fell short, so that we can improve it for future customers. YOU MUST SEND EVERYTHING WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS OF PURCHASE. NO REFUND REQUESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED OUTSIDE OF THIS TIME PERIOD (AND NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE). Once we receive these materials, you’ll get a full refund. All love, no hard feelings.

+ What if I can't start the program on time? Do I have to complete it in a certain amount of time?

No problem. CORECARE is designed for you to complete one module per week (for a total of 6 weeks), but that is just a guideline. Once you're enrolled, you can begin the program whenever you like, and complete it on your own schedule. Plus, you have lifetime access to the material (including all additions to the program in the future), so you can revisit it whenever you want, for years to come. As long as you sign up before the final purchase date, you'll have anytime access to this program. Forever!

+ I don't have the time to do a long program. How quickly can I get through the modules?

The content portion of each module varies. Each module has between 3 and 6 lessons, and each lesson lasts several minutes each. The program is designed to last over a 6-week period, giving you ample time to watch and/or listen to lessons, and finish the related worksheets and other material. But you will have complete access to the entire program at once, so you can work at your own pace and finish everything as quickly as you like.

+ I'm already overwhelmed, and have no bandwidth for more information. What if I can't remember the CORECARE lessons?

No problem. This isn't a memory test, so take the pressure off! You have lifetime access to the program (including any additions in the future!), so you can revisit the lessons whenever you like, as much as you like. You'll also have audio versions of videos, so that you can listen to them more easily on the go, as well as visual aids if you're more of a "reader" learner.

+ Does CORECARE really work? How will I feel the results?

I've used different versions of the CORECARE Method for years, throughout the most painful times in my life -- including recovery from physical surgery, the dissolution of long-term relationships, the death of my beloved pet, the births of my children, adjusting to living in a foreign country where I don't speak the language, and more. That said, the only way you'll know if it works for you is to go for the experience, and actually do the work. As for measuring your results, that's a bit trickier -- self-care doesn't always yield tangible results.
How do you determine that you're "feeling better," after all? The best technique -- and one that you'll use often in this program -- is journaling. We'll "take your temperature" each day, an inventory of your state of being. By the end of the program, you'll have a complete record of how you've felt physically and emotionally from start to finish.
Also, be sure to read the testimonials below from other moms for more information on their Ritual Care experience!

+ What if I'm not a new mom (or a mom at all)?

CORECARE is designed for mothers of young children because mothers (and especially new moms!) tend to put everyone else's needs before their own. This "impulse" is simply part of motherhood for most of us moms. We often need more help prioritizing our own care... and this is one of the main reasons CORECARE was born! But, if you aren't a mom, you can still request an invitation! We ask only that you recognize and respect the high level of mother-related comments or other communication that may arise in the program. Aunties and other mom-and-baby-loving types are especially welcome!

+ I have another question that isn't answered here...

Talk to us! Send us your question here.


I get so anxious about my to-do lists, and have trouble making myself a priority sometimes. With CORECARE, it's been easier to focus on the good I'm doing every day, and stressing less about what I don't get done. I also love the energy from other moms (extra special), the online experience overall (super gorgeous), and the private forum (very convenient). Taking care of myself now feels less like something I have to do, and more like something I get to do.

Amy, Mama to 4 + Owner of Exercising Balance ™

Honestly, I thought this would never fit this into my crazy schedule. But it did, and just at the right time. I recently started a new job, moved to a new state, ended a long-term relationship, and was hit with a family emergency — all in the last 6 months. It’s taken all of my energy, and self-care fell to the bottom of my priority list. But Kelly understands juggling “real life” like this, and this program was the ultimate, bite-sized self-care guide for me. Even though it’s designed for new moms and I am not a mom myself. I wanted the tools so I could be a more conscientious, supportive friend (and super auntie), and the program delivered. It's crafted with care, but without preaching or guilt trips — just encouragement and manageable, effective guidance for the self-care we all deserve.

Sonja, "Auntie" to countless kiddos + Marketing Manager

The mama community is changing my life! I don't take time for myself regularly, and the private forum inspires me to do that, in some unique way, every single day. I love seeing how other women are making time for themselves, too...and also being reminded that the struggle for me is REAL and affects all moms.

Kim F., Mama to 1

To me, self care has always been about the big things. An hour-long run. A lunch date or a relaxed phone call with a dear friend. But, with a world-wind toddler and small food business, those things don’t nearly happen as often as they should. This program helped me identify the little nuggets of time I didn’t even know I had, and harvest them into guiltless self-care bliss. It’s helped me to stop, take a deep breath (on even the craziest of days) and enjoy the things that make me happy and recharge my spirit. The fact that some many of these moments are spent together with my little girl, is just a huge added bonus.

Kristen, Mama to 1 + Founder of Momme Meals™ and Go Chews™ Energy Snacks

In a word, amazing. I wish I had known about these absolutely invaluable insights and practical, life-changing tips when I had my first baby. It would have added so much more thoughtfulness, calm, awareness and yes, bliss, to that first challenging year of motherhood. That said, it's never too late and as a working mother of a preschooler and first grader now, these self-care lessons are just as spot on today. Thank you, Kelly!

Alicia, Mama to 2 + Attorney

Although I don't have children, I was drawn to this program and it worked like a charm. Kelly magically becomes your own private guide, helping you to navigate the stressful daily grind, leading you to clarity and ease. Her “Bliss List” is pure genius and one of my favorite exercises. Kelly knows what it’s like to be insanely busy, and she imparts her lessons in quick, easy-to-understand steps. She expertly guides you toward strategies for success and ease.

Kim M., Real Estate Agent

The Mamas Circle at Ritual Care Course Illustration


START DATE: Sunday, May 13th, 2018 (U.S. Mother's Day)
BASIC MEMBER PRICE (program): $499
LUXE MEMBER PRICE (program plus 1:1 coaching): $1999

Click below for an invitation to pre-enroll with preferred member pricing. You'll also get a welcome email, instructions on how to set up your online Sanctuary, and your sign up bonus.

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Are you already a CORECARE member?

    KELLY NEWSOME GEORGES is a former-lawyer-turned-postpartum care educator. She advises new moms on birth, postpartum, newborns, and self-care throughout the early years of motherhood. As the founder and curator of Ritual Care, she helps busy mothers breathe easier, feeling less stressed and more supported. Her favorite mama-related role, though, is her own: she is a mother to an infant and a toddler, and stepmom to 3 brilliant bonus kids. She lives as an American in Paris and in Provence, France.