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A 21-day Sacred, Self-Care Journey to Your Center

Are you ready for more space, resilience, and refuge from the outside world? CORECARE™ is the busy woman's step-by-step guide to slowing down the pace, letting go of the unnecessary, and breathing more deeply every day.

This course is for anyone who wants to...

+ Break away from the chaos of everyday life.

CORECARE helps you discover and treasure quiet spaces in your day, then spend them in ways that feed your soul.

+ Enjoy a restorative, 3-week solo retreat, without having to ever leave home

For most of us, a "retreat away from it all" just isn't practical. But you don't have to leave town (or even your house) to find solace and solitude. CORECARE helps you create your own personal sanctuary in yourself, no matter where you are.

+ Make heart-centered choices in motherhood, marriage, career, and other areas of life

The CORECARE journey is based on truth, intuition, and authenticity. Throughout the course, we'll practice these traits, actively using them in everyday life. By the end of our time together, you'll be well on your way to making decisions from your soul.

What to Expect...

  • Keep your cool, even in the most frustrating moments
  • Start smiling -- instead of criticizing -- when you look at yourself in the mirror
  • Master the art of saying no, minus the guilt
  • Wake up feeling more rested (and, if you wish, even ditch the caffeine crutch)
  • Take daily action towards your the lifestyle you want most
  • Fall a little more in love with yourself, just as you are, every day

What You'll Learn

  • Your most powerful self-care rituals, so you never run on empty again
  • How to control your stress response within minutes
  • The latest self-care science, and how wellness habits can change your physiology at a cellular level
  • The life-changing practice of journaling, even if you've never written a word


+ What do I get with this course?

Once you enroll in the CORECARE experience, you'll have access to the 21-day course in your Sanctuary dashboard. (You'll also receive an optional daily lesson prompt by email.) Each lesson includes a series of alternating practices, including "everyday alone time," video lessons, audio recordings for listening and download, exploratory writing prompts, short, reflective essays, and additional resources for continued learning.

+ What if I can't finish the course in 21 days?

No problem! The CORECARE curriculum is 21 days long, but we totally get that life happens. We recommend completing the lessons within about a month, but encourage you to go at your own pace. You'll have access to all lessons in your Sanctuary dashboard, and you'll receive gentle email prompts for the full 21-day course period. You have lifetime access to the course, so take all of the time that you need. It will be there for you whenever you're ready.

+ Can I get a refund if the course doesn't work for me?

Yes. We want to be sure you're 100% happy with your purchase, so we have a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Ritual Care offers a full refund for your course within fourteen (14) days of purchase. If you believe that the course hasn't fulfilled its promise, send an email to support[at]ritualcare[dot]com and let us know. To qualify for your refund, you'll need to send (i) your fully-completed course work for the first ten (10) course lessons to make sure you put forth your best effort including, for example, all worksheets, journal prompts, and other exercises (and on our end, we'll confirm your completion of each of the video/audio lessons), and (ii) a brief explanation in your email letting us know how and where the course fell short, so that we can improve it for future customers. YOU MUST SEND EVERYTHING WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS OF PURCHASE. NO REFUND REQUESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED OUTSIDE OF THIS TIME PERIOD (AND NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE). Once we receive these materials, you’ll get a full refund. All love, no hard feelings.

+ I have another question that isn't answered here...

Talk to us! Send us your question here.


NEXT SESSION: Winter 2017/18
LENGTH: 21 Days

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NEXT SESSION: Winter 2017/18
LENGTH: 21 Days

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