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The Childbirth Cheat Sheets

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The Practical Pocket Guide to Remembering It All

You've learned a lot about childbirth -- from books, classes, conversations, unsolicited advice from, you know, EVERYONE. But how will you possibly remember it all, in the moment, without getting overwhelmed, anxious, or confused?

Now, you don't have to. The Childbirth Cheat Sheets is the simple, pocket-sized solution to less stress on your big birth day.

This guide is for...

+ Dads and partners who want to support mom in labor...but need clear reminders on what to do and say.

Birth is an unpredictable event, and it can be stressful — especially when you're trying to figure out how to help someone you love who's in pain or discomfort. This 2-part resource helps you feel more confidence and control, by knowing what to say, do, and try to help mom feel better.

+ Pregnant moms who want to feel more confident and comfortable in childbirth.

When it comes to preparing for labor, you've got a lot on your mind, mama! This summary of super-important stuff helps you easily review what you've learned and rest easier going into your birth day.

+ Birth doulas who want a fast, professional reference tool with tried-and-true labor comfort techniques that work.

As a professional birth doula, you not only want to help expecting parents -- it's your job. The Childbirth Cheat Sheets spells out the most successful comfort strategies for you to use with your clients in less than 10 easy-breezy pages. So, you can support your mamas and papas without relying solely on a manual, your memory, or the Internet. (Especially helpful for new doulas who are building their practice, or any doula who's powering through a long labor!)


    Feel prepared with this one-page master list of nearly 100 comfort techniques and tips.
    Use easy-to-follow illustrations to learn and practice "the 4Ss + the All 4s," the most popular positions to help mom feel comfortable.
    Know the 3 stages of labor that mom will go through, and know which comfort techniques to use for her during each stage.
    Understand what your role is in the labor room, and draw from a list of exactly what you can say to help mom stay calm and focused.
    A simplified list of tried-and-trusted books, online resources, videos, apps, and favorite physical props for labor and delivery.


  • 9 content-packed, printable pages of ready-made notes that you don't have to write yourself (so you can memorize less and relax more)
  • a list of my favorite birth-related resources, so you can get additional information without getting overwhelmed
  • two eBook formats (PDF and ePub), accessible from any device
  • a 5-minute bonus audio track, so you can practice your labor support skill while on-the-go


+ How do I use The Childbirth Cheat Sheets?

The Childbirth Cheat Sheets bundle comes with both a printable digital guide, plus a bonus audio practice track. You can access it from any device, in either traditional ePub format (for online reader applications, like Apple's iBooks) or in PDF format (with the free Adobe Reader application). Your bonus audio is a 5-minute listening track that helps you incorporate helpful phrases and techniques to memory. It's provided in universal .mp3 format, so you can listen to it using your favorite music application (e.g., iTunes) anywhere and anytime.

+ Can I download and print the Cheat Sheets, or just see them online?

Yes! You can download all materials and print out any of the Cheat Sheets by using the PDF version. Just open with Adobe Reader, and select which pages you wish you print from your print menu.

+ Can I get a refund if the Childbirth Cheat Sheets doesn't work for me?

Ritual Care does not offer refunds for digital products after purchase, but we want to be sure you're as happy as possible. If you don't believe that this product has fulfilled its promise, send an email to support[at]ritualcare[dot]com within fourteen (14) days of purchase and let us know how it fell short. We'll do our best to try to help.

+ I'm a professional doula. Can I use The Childbirth Cheat Sheets with my clients? Can I use it to help create my own resource guide?

The Childbirth Cheat Sheets is an awesome tool for doulas! As with any childbirth educational resource, it's provided for learning. It's also wonderful for use with clients. For instance, once you've purchased your bundle, you can print, laminate, and pack the sheets in your doula bag for your next birth. BUT... while you're encouraged to use this tool when working with clients, you may not use The Childbirth Cheat Sheets to create your own guide or other resource. The Childbirth Cheat Sheets is a proprietary trademarked product, protected by copyright and other intellectual property law, with all rights reserved. It may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, or otherwise used without permission from the author (please refer to the full copyright notice in your copy). You are welcome to reference information contained in The Childbirth Cheat Sheets, however, with proper attribution to the source and author.


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I loved this. It's quick and easy to follow, and not so overwhelming. I’m reading a big book to get ready for our birth, too, but it reads like a text book. These are great to have too because they’re so much easier to access — really helpful crib sheets (haha).

Danny, Papa to 2 + Chef

I used The Childbirth Cheat Sheets to help me prepare for being a labor coach for my daughter. They were a wonderful review of ways for me to help her through her labor, and they eased my anxiety by giving me concert methods to aid her. I loved the added tips of things to keep in mind that might be distracting to her! There was also a list of things that I might need, which was very helpful. The Cheat Sheets were well laid out and easy to refer to — I would recommend them to anyone who is blessed to be part of such an incredible moment. Thank you!

Whitney, Proud Grandmother to 3

The Childbirth Cheat Sheets is SO helpful! I loved it! I'm expecting my first baby in a few months, and this was simple, straightforward, and didn't overwhelm me — unlike other resources I've used. I also really, really love the design. It's actually soothing to look at while reading. And the illustrations are easy to use, reassuring, and simply adorable. My partner loved it, too, and we look forward to using this during birth.

Barb, Expecting Mama + Literacy Consultant

As a mom of 3 kids plus one on the way, and as a birth doula, I found this very helpful and informative. I especially love the illustrations — they make childbirth “comfort techniques" so much easier to understand and practice when you need them most. I’ve had 4 unmedicated births, and used many of these techniques myself, so I know that they work! I’d recommend this to anybody having a baby, but I think it’s especially helpful for new moms. It’d also be great for new, less experienced doulas as something that they can print, laminate, and take with them to all of their births.

Lany, Mama of 4 + Professional Birth Doula

The Childbirth Cheat Sheets is a concise, clear, and compact guide filled with a variety of tips to facilitate a smoother labor, connect a laboring mom with her partner and help the partner feel more engaged in the process. My favorite resource is The Birth Partner Sheet -- as a doula, I've used (or suggested) every one of these techniques. They are tried and tested and make a huge difference in the experience of the birth. Every mama will want her partner to have this resource to serve as a comforting guide as she labors to meet her baby!

Michelle, Owner, Savor It Studios™, Professional Birth/Postpartum doula +
Prenatal/Postnatal yoga teacher


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    KELLY NEWSOME GEORGES is a former-lawyer-turned-postpartum care teacher. She advises new moms on birth, postpartum, newborns, and self-care throughout the early years of motherhood. As the author of Childbirth Cheat Sheets (and a former birth and postpartum doula), she helps dads, doulas, and other birth partners feel more confident and prepared for labor and delivery. Her favorite mama-related role, though, is her own: she is a mother to a toddler and an infant, and stepmom to 3 brilliant bonus kids. She lives as an American in Paris and in Provence, France.