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Baby Registry Blueprint

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A New Mama Roadmap for What You Really Need on Your Registry

Congrats, you're pregnant! Now that your little bundle is on the way, you've got questions. Especially about what you'll need when your baby arrives. Everyone has opinions, but how do you organize them (or know what to ignore)? Will you choose disposable or cloth diapers? An infant or convertible car seat? Stroller or baby carrier (and, um, soft structured carrier or wrap)? How many onesies does a new baby need and, for the love, in what sizes?

This care tool is for anyone who wants to...

+ Ditch the stress of writing the perfect registry from scratch

Why spend hours (or, ahem, weeks) recreating the wheel when you don't have to? The Baby Registry Blueprint walks you through each step of the process, so you can avoid the frustration of planning and enjoy the fun of picking out sweet items for your little one.

+ Breathe more deeply — instead of hyperventilate — when thinking about what to buy

Half of the hard part in putting a registry together is staying calm. The Baby Registry Blueprint has a series of tools — like a visual map and "buy this" lists, complete with hyperlinks — to make it all easier than Amazon Prime. (Okay, almost).

+ Stop asking every mom you know for advice (and then wasting hours organizing everyone's opinions)

Okay, maybe you have a lot of friends who are moms already. And maybe they've all offered to help, and you are ready to ask every one of them for advice. Here's the thing: chances are, you have a lot of questions, and most moms don't have a ton of time. They'll probably want you to ask them specific questions about what you need, so they can tell you just what to buy. But what if you don't even know where to begin? It can take you forever to figure it all out -- and then you have to spend hours deciding whether their recommendations are right for your life. The Blueprint is designed to help you save, not spend, your precious pre-baby time. It gives you the answers, even if you don't know the questions. It helps you understand the bigger picture of what you need, so you can feel more productive and efficient. And it gives you specific suggestions for best things to buy, tried, tested, and loved by moms all over.

What to Expect...

  • Follow a fun, step-by-step blueprint for your perfect, personalized baby buy list
  • Spend your hours happily celebrating baby's arrival, instead of wasting them on the Internet searching for random registry tips
  • Prevent random purchases, buyers remorse, and baby clutter all over the house
  • Enjoy an organized registry that's easily shareable with everyone
  • Finally cross this major milestone off of your to-do list

What You'll Learn

  • What items you need, and how many of each
  • What to ask for, and what to buy yourself
  • The super-simple secret to sizing baby clothes
  • Best places to register
  • Which "luxury" products you'll love, and which to leave off the list


+ What comes in the Baby Registry Blueprint?

You'll receive a downloadable, printable visual map, as well as a written guide with a step-by-step instructions, "buy this" item lists, a sample registry, and tons of product recommendations that you can easily add your registry with one click.

+ I'm hosting a baby shower for a friend. Will the Blueprint help the guests figure out what to buy?

Because only a new mom can know what her unique needs are, the Blueprint is designed for her to create her own ideal registry requests. But if, like most moms, she needs help getting started, this is an ideal tool for you to use as a team. Once purchased, you can print out your own copies of the materials, order a couple of yummy lattes, and complete the whole kit together. The Blueprint also walks you through sharing your list with others, so your baby shower guests will have everything they need at their fingertips.

+ Can I get a refund if the Blueprint doesn't work for me?

Ritual Care does not offer refunds for digital products after purchase, but we want to be sure you're as happy as possible. If you don't believe that this product has fulfilled its promise, send an email to support[at]ritualcare[dot]com within fourteen (14) days of purchase and let us know how it fell short. We'll do our best to try to help.

+ I have another question that isn't answered here...

Talk to us! Send us your question here.


AVAILABLE: Summer 2018
INCLUDES: Toolkit w/Templates + Visual Map

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AVAILABLE: Summer 2018
INCLUDES: Toolkit w/Templates + Visual Map

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